Judgment Recovery

Wisconsin Trackers is committed to the enforcement of civil judgments. We purchase the judgment in its entirety. We cover all the costs and expenses incurred in locating the judgment debtor and enforcing the judgment. We make our money only from the judgment debtor, at no cost to you.

Almost 80% of all judgments are never recovered. Your judgment may have been awarded by the court, but enforcement is your responsibility. Wisconsin Trackers can succeed where you haven’t! We have the resources, expertise, and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get.

If you have a valid court awarded judgment of $1000 or more, we will use every method at our disposal to recover the full amount of the unpaid judgment plus any interest that has accrued since the judgment was issued. We will conduct a thorough investigation to uncover any assets or sources of income, and take whatever steps are necessary to legally seize them!

We purchase the judgment from you for a percentage of the award amount. We bear all expenses and legal costs incurred in the enforcement process. We are currently purchasing judgments awarded in all states. To get started, please complete the short Judgement Review. If you are able, mail or fax us a copy of the original judgment order. We will review your case and get back to you as quickly as possible.

There is absolutely no obligation on your part. Isn’t it time justice was served?

Part of the process involves the tools, ability and expertise to:

  • Find your debtor and his/her assets
  • Seize, lien and garnish these assets
  • Locate employers and other sources of income
  • When possible, do this without confrontation

Wisconsin Trackers:

  • Locates bank accounts and seizes them
  • Uncovers stock and bond accounts and takes them
  • Locates real estate and personal property
  • Identifies and unravels fraudulent transfers
  • Collects on the judgment

PLEASE NOTE:  Wisconsin Trackers specializes in judgments of medium to large size.  Our return is based on a simple percentage of money collected. All costs are covered by Wisconsin Trackers. If there is no collection, there is no cost to you.

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